Hi, I’m Chris!  If you’re interested in traveling, the RV life, life transitions, or genealogy, you will no doubt find something here of interest to you.   I’m a 61 year old single female retiree who is extremely passionate about genealogy.  I began living full time in a 26 foot Coachmen Freelander Motorhome in late August, 2016.  To get the whole story, read about me below, and then start in the “Pre-Retirement” category of the blog.

My mother died at the beginning of February 2015, and that was pretty much the milestone which ended a long chapter of my life in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  My father and two younger brothers had all passed away previously, so I became an orphan.  My 25 year old daughter had moved 3,000 miles away eight years prior, and my 20 year old son was in college about a four hour drive away.  I was living on a property with two houses; my mother had lived in the cottage behind the main house.  With everyone gone, I was living there alone, and it was clear to me that it was time to sell the house and move on.

The big question was – move on to what?  And move where?  The pre-retirement section of this blog goes into the decision process over the year and a half it took for my house to sell.

I ultimately decided to live in an RV and retire from my full time job, so that I could travel to all the places where my ancestors lived, attend genealogy conferences around the country, build my genealogy business, and do my personal genealogical research to my heart’s content.  I will eventually buy a house and settle down again somewhere, but for now, this is exactly the right life for me.  I hope you enjoy reading about it!

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