Interview on BBC Wales!

Just by a quirk of fate, the local Heritage Centre in the little town of Blaenavon in South Wales informed the BBC that an American was visiting with an interesting story to tell, and the result was this online article about my genealogy quest.

There are a few factual errors, but they got the gist of it and I think the article is well done.


Corrections to the article:

The article says I’ve been tracing my ancestors since 2015, but I’ve been doing it since the 1980’s.

The article says that the photo of James Furlong and Mary Payne was taken in Northumberland, but it was taken in Finleyville, Pennsylvania.  James Furlong was born in Finleyville, and Mary Payne was born in Northumberland.  And, by the way, that is my mother, Mary Payne Furlong, in the lower left of that photo.

The article refers to my ancestor Mary Waters incorrectly as Mary Walters.

The article says that two of the sons of Thomas Furlong and Mary Waters moved to America, but there was a third son named Thomas Furlong who also emigrated.

The photo in the online video was Mary Ball, not Mary Walters.


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